Get Protected. Stay Protected

Protection Plan

Our Professional Plan is designed for self-employed, independent contractors, freelancers, and people who receive 1099s.

$49.99 /mo

Get Protected. Stay Protected

Protection Plan

Our Professional Plan is designed for self-employed, independent contractors, freelancers, and people who receive 1099s.

$49.99 /mo

10 MM Lifetime Audit Defense

Professional Plan

Featured Benefits

$10MM Lifetime Audit Defense*

Active plan members are eligible for audit representation for up to $10,000,000 in proposed liabilities. Members will receive Optima’s best-in-class protection without paying thousands of dollars.

Filing Fraud Protection & Remediation

The IRS flags more than one million tax returns for identity fraud annually! Plan members will have their tax accounts monitored for fraudulent 1040 tax filings. If a fraudulent 1040 is filed, Optima will work to resolve the issue.

Discounted Tax Resolution Fees

The long-term goal is to stay protected from future IRS collection actions. Should you fall out of compliance with the IRS, you will still qualify for Optima’s industry-leading resolution services at a discounted rate.

Live Phone Support

Protection Plan Members have access to Optima’s award-winning Customer Service Team through live phone support, to ensure top-notch assistance when needed.

$10,000 Tax Preparation Accuracy Guarantee‡

Our tax professionals are the best in the business. However, if there is a legitimate preparer error made during the filing of a return that can’t be fixed, you’ll be reimbursed up to $10,000.

Comprehensive Tax Risk Monitoring

You are busy. Optima will monitor your tax account and keep you informed with Comprehensive Tax Risk Monitoring. If there is an issue, you can rest assured that the Optima team is prepared and qualified to help.

IRS Balance Monitoring

Our team will monitor any outstanding balance you may have with the IRS. Through our proprietary technology, we are able to gain access to any changes to your tax balance. This information will be in your monthly report, saving you the hassle of contacting the IRS on your own. 


IRS Notice Analysis

IRS notices are scary and hard to understand. Plan members will receive free analysis of all notices so they can rest easier and understand.


Professional Tax Return Preparation†

With our Professional Plan, your annual 1040 federal and state tax filings will be handled by our team of qualified tax professionals – not a computer.

Discounted Corporate or Partnership Return Preparation

Need help with more complex tax returns? For a discounted rate, our team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience are here to help with your company’s more difficult filings. Our team’s expertise will bring you maximum protection and peace of mind.

On-Demand Quarterly Estimated Payment Analysis

For people who are self-employed, calculating quarterly tax payments can be a major stress point. Our qualified tax professionals will take away this stress by analyzing your quarterly estimates and helping ensure you’re paying the IRS the right amount.

* Lifetime dependent on being active customer of any Protection Plan. Please review Protection Agreement for details and limitations.
† Limited to one personal tax return per year per agreement. Standard Plan is eligible for a wage earner return; Professional Plan is eligible for an independent contractor return.
‡ Applies to tax returns prepared by Optima Tax Relief.

Do you run a corporation or partnership?

Professional Plan members can receive discounts on additional services tailored for corporations and partnerships. Contact our team to learn more.

Get Protected. Stay Protected!

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